Photo by : Reanna Corkum

Photo by : Reanna Corkum


Lauren Weiler

Lauren is a Toronto based Photographer with an eye for conceptual portraiture and product photography. Her unique effects she portrays in her images differs from the ordinary. One thing that is evident in Lauren’s photography is that she likes to make that deeper connection with the subject she is trying to portray. By doing so she brings a mood to her images that show that raw emotion of the subject.

She is currently attending Sheridan College for the Bachelor of Photography program and is in her forth year. Prior to Sheridan she completed a diploma in Broadcast Journalism at Conestoga College. Her experience as a journalist has also allowed her to explore documentary photography and the exploration of defining a person through a photograph.

Her use of effortless lighting and warmth in her images create that atmospheric setting that connect the audience to the content as well as to Lauren as a Photographer.


Best Conceptual Image (2016)
Sheridan College Photography Gallery

Best Natural Environment Photograph (2014)
Sustainable Waterloo Region